Helpful hint - Four ways you can stop your dog licking their wounds

Often one of the most frustrating things when treating a wound on your dog is that they always want to lick the wound, which often makes it hard to apply any gel or crème and makes the healing period longer.

To try and help those of you who have found this frustrating we have pulled together a list of a few different ways that you can stop your dog from licking their wounds and as well as the pros and cons associated with each. 

1. Elizabeth Collar
“Elizabeth Collars” can make your dog look like they are from outer space but are commonly used to prevent wound damage and bandage removal. 

Tip - To ensure the length is correct you should apply the collar around your dogs neck and check to ensure the length goes just beyond the tip of your dog’s nose.

Pro - The collars are cheap to purchase and easy to put on.

Con - Some dogs will feel comfortable with wearing one once they get used to it, however others can get quite stressed and tend to walk into almost everything while wearing the collar.

2. Bandages
Bandaging a wound on your dog can be enough to stop your dog wanting to lick the wound, as it's often a case of out of sight out of mind.

Tip - You want to ensure that the bandage is on firmly but not too tight, that it is comfortable for your dog and they are able to move around easily. To do so apply the bandage using even pressure, while ensuring there are no wrinkles in either the bandage or padding. 

Pro - Bandaging not only ensures your dog can't lick the wound but it also creates a clean wound environment which helps promote faster wound healing.

Con - The bandage will need to be changed if it gets wet and every 1-2 days if its kept dry. Bandaging material can often be expensive and can't easily be applied to all areas of the body.

3. Boots
You can purchase boots for your dog from either your vet, pet shop or online. 

Tip - Boots can be used by themselves or over the top of a bandage/dressing. Before purchasing them you need to decide how you will use the boots. If you are going to put them over the top of a bandage or dressing, ensure you buy at least one size bigger.
The main thing to ensure with boots is that they fit correctly so they stay on but don’t rub. 

Pro - They are easy to put on and remove and in some cases can help with wound prevention also. 

Con - They can only be used if the wound is on your dogs leg and some dogs don't enjoy wearing them.

4. Ant-lick strips or spray
Anti-lick strips or spay can work really well and can be purchased from pet stores as well as your vets.

Tip - Try to find anti-lick strips or spray which have natural ingredients, so that any potential side effects are limited and your dog is only left with a naturally unpleasant taste that they quickly learn to avoid.

Pro - Easy application and can be use for wounds that are on places other than their legs/ feet.

Con - Some dogs don't mind the taste and continue to lick their wounds anyway.


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