About Mānuka Vet®

Created by nature, developed by veterinarians. All for the health of your pet.

Mānuka Vet® is a natural mānuka honey wound treatment that's been developed by veterinarians, specifically with horses and other companion animals in mind.

Horses especially tend to have poor circulation in their limbs, which makes them particularly prone to infections. In fact, horse injuries are the third most common reason for vet callouts.

Pure Mānuka Honey

Our expert veterinarians developed Mānuka Vet® as an effective wound treatment to get those injuries healing more quickly. 

We sourced pure, high-grade mānuka honey from New Zealand's wildest and most remote regions and independently tested it for quality and activity.

Mānuka Vet® is very effective, antibiotic-free, completely natural, and suitable for all kinds of minor wounds and skin abnormalities in all animals.

Jason Lowe - Founder & Veterinarian
Jason Lowe - Founder & Veterinarian

How Mānuka Vet® started

As an equine veterinarian, our co-founder Jason Lowe spent years treating all kinds of wounds and injuries to horses and building his knowledge of wound management.

Horse wounds in particular are frustratingly slow to heal and often need a lot of vet callouts to keep on top of – not to mention antibiotics to keep infection at bay. Wounds on dogs and cats, and our lifestyle animals too, can also be difficult to manage and achieve a fast and full healing with minimal scarring.

And while he'd been wishing for years for something that would reliably help wounds on our animals to heal faster and reduce the need for antibiotics, he hadn’t found anything really effective.

So, having looked into the scientific research on mānuka honey, it was decided to create a new range of wound treatments for pets and other lifestyle animals, keeping that balance between nature, science and veterinary medicine.

How to get Mānuka Vet® for your pet

Spread the word about Mānuka Vet®!

Check out our retailers to find the one that's nearest to you, or let your vet or preferred supplier know about our product and ask them to become a stockist. Your pets are family, and they deserve the best – so ask for Manuka Vet® today.


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