​New Improved Formulation

We are excited to announce our Mānuka Vet Gel has a new and improved formulation. Through our new cold-processing technique you can be assured that the natural goodness is maintained whilst creating a silky smooth, non sticky product that is easier to use, lasts longer, and is even more effective. 

We love horses as much as you do

We love horses as much as you do. That's why we got into the business of equine health. 

Wounds and injuries are an inevitable part of equine ownership – from horse floats, from wire fences, from sport. So a natural, antibiotic-free wound treatment is something every equine professional needs in their kit. 

After all, wouldn't you want something to make those wounds heal faster and better?

That's Mānuka Vet.

  • 100% Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey
  • Independently Tested - Recommended by Vets
  • Filtered, Sterilised, and Medical Grade Certified
  • Satisfies World Veterinary Association Directives for an Antibiotic Free Future
  • Non-swabable for Racing and Competition


Mānuka honey contains a special compound (Methylglyoxal or MG) which helps keep the wound from getting infected and modulates the early inflammatory phase of wound healing helping the wound heal better and potentially faster. 

Developed by Nature- Tested by Veterinarians- Proven by Science!

Nu Bandage

Exciting new technology that saves time saves money and gives improved patient comfort and outcomes. What makes Nu Bandage different? Unlike short stretch woven bandages Nu Bandage is a long stretch non- woven silky soft rubbery material that can expand up to 4x its original size and retract and articulates and conforms on the body seamlessly.

To find out how the Nu Bandage works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nY-TLZ2eds

Nu Bandage is:

  • Available in vented & solid options
  • Easy to apply & wear
  • Non-woven, non-absorbent,
    lightweight & soft
  • Safe, biodegradable & latex free
  • Naturally anti-microbial
  • Hand washable & reusable. 
  • No buckles, fasteners or tapes.

Where to find Mānuka Vet

Your pathway to natural wound healing for your horse starts here, with a list of Mānuka Vet retailers in New Zealand, Australia, England and Germany. 

NZ Made

Our products use pure, high-grade mānuka honey from New Zealand's wild Mokau River banks in the King Country region.

Certified MG 500+

Our Skin & Wound Gel is sterile and filtered 100% New Zealand mānuka honey that has been independently certified as containing >500 MG, giving it excellent antibacterial strength.


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