Mānuka Vet™- Doing our part to support the bee population in NZ

As it's Bee Aware Month we thought that it was timely to share with you one of the practices that we are undertaking to ensure that our bees have a healthy diet all year round.

At present many hives have to be moved off the block which they reside during the winter months to ensure they have enough food.
Our partners have recognised that this isn't ideal and the bees are likely to be much happier and healthier if they could reside in the one place all year round.
As a result, they have teamed up with "Trees for Bees" and co-invested to undertake a research project which will analyse the ways in which the local bee population feeds on the land all year round and what food sources are available. 
The study runs for a year and will be used to design a planting program to ensure that the right plants and quantity are planted to ensure the best diet is available all year round. 
We cant wait to find out the results of the study and look forward to supporting an even better future for the bee population in NZ!


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