Helpful hint - Cling film can help you treat mud fever

Most of us will have cling film (glad wrap) in our household. However, it's usually in the kitchen and used for covering leftovers so we can enjoy the night before's meal the following day.
However, cling film can also be used to help treat mud fever. It keeps warmth and moisture in, which softens and loosens mud fever scabs, so they are easier to remove. 

By removing the scabs you can ensure the Skin & Wound Gel can be as effective as possible and work its magic by being directly exposed to the effected area.
To achieve the best results apply the Mānuka Vet™ Skin & Wound Gel, followed by the cling film (glad wrap) for 24 hours. This creates a safe but moist wound environment which softens the scabs and initially starts treating the dermatitis. You should then box bandage over the top of the cling film to hold it in place and keep the warmth in.

It is of course important that you don't apply the cling film too tight and apply the box bandage correctly. Once you take the bandage off keep treating with Skin & Wound Creme until its healed. 
If you missed our video on how to effectively treat pastern dermatitis/ mud fever you can look back to our post on August 25 to see the complete process.


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