Did you know? Not all honey is created equal...

Many people query what the difference between Mānuka Honey and normal mixed plant honey is, when it comes to wound healing.

The short answer is despite all honey having some antibacterial activity only authentic New Zealand Mānuka Honey (Leptospermum scoparium) has ‘Non-Peroxide’ activity as well.
So what does this mean?

Well in summary this means that Mānuka Honey has been found to possess additional enzymes that help to heal wounds faster and with less inflammation and scaring.
These enzymes work in 3 ways;

1. More quickly destroying and suppressing the growth of bacteria and its ability to reproduce

2. Disrupting the bacterial ‘biofilms’ that are present on the surface of wounds and are associated with delayed healing

3. Decreasing the inflammatory response by enhancing cytokines which help to repair and regenerate tissue, resulting in less scaring and granulation tissue (proud flesh)


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