Helpful hint - Don't be afraid to ask

Most people have their favourite when it comes to what veterinarians they use. Lets face it when it comes to the health of your best friend/companion it's important that you feel comfortable.

A professional vet will explain every step of the treatment plan and if you have any questions will be happy to explain it in less technical terms. We have all heard those weird words and Latin terms, nodded in reply and then not had a single clue what they were on about!

It is extremely important that you fully understand your animal's treatment plan and ensure you're not in this situation again. So don't be afraid to let your vet know you don't understand or you need to know more. Sometimes they just get caught up in their technical world and don't realise that they haven't fully explained.

However, if you have any burning questions feel free to post them below and we will get our resident vets to do their best to answer them for you


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