Tip of the trade - Creating the best environment to treat an open wound

If something does happen to your horse it͛s important to have a set plan in mind, so full blown panic mode can be avoided.

A helpful tip is to control the environment, the worst thing you can do is try and deal with it straight away, while you're in the wrong mindset or your horse is in the wrong environment!

So to start with you need to try to keep yourself as calm as possible. Then think about what you might need to treat the wound with. For example, if the wound is bleeding you will need to try to reduce the bleeding by applying a bandage tourniquet. In order to do so you need to get your horse into an environment where you can treat them safely, they are as calm as they can be and if possible someone else is there to help, even if they are simply passing things to you.

In this situation the best environment is one where the horse is standing on concrete or clean footing and there is fresh clean water on hand (a cold hose is often the best first aid to apply), and ALL the equipment you are going to need is on hand.

Once you have applied the tourniquet you can then decide if you need to call your vet also. If you don't feel comfortable to treat the wound or do not have the right supplies on hand it may pay to call you vet as soon as possible.We hope you have found this tip of the trade helpful, stay tuned for more helpful tips on wound management!


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