Helpful hint - How to identify if your horses wound is becoming infected

One of the most important things when managing your horses wound is learning how to identify if the wound is not responding to treatment and/or becoming infected. Some of the signs to look out for that indicates your horses wound is becoming infected are;

  • Unusual heat - the wound area is warmer than the surrounding tissue
  • Pain - discomfort should lessen as time goes by, so increased discomfort or pain can be a warning sign
  • Colour - if the wound or surrounding skin becomes more reddened or there are red streaks coming from the wound
  • Odor - if the wound starts to smell off or it͛s smell becomes stronger
  • Discharge - if there is greenish or yellowish pus or fluid coming from the wound this could be cause for concern
  • Swelling - if the swelling doesn't lessen or increases over time

It is very important that all wounds are kept clean in the initial stages of healing and by applying Mānuka Vet Skin and Wound Gel. If the wound that you are treating is showing any of the above signs you need to seek advice from your vet promptly in order to achieve the best healing possible.


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