Five facts - The different types of honey and there uses

As we have mentioned before there are many different types of honey, the colour and flavor are all dependent on what type of nectar the bees have sourced close to their hive. Below you will find some different types and what they are best suited for!

  1. Clover Honey -This honey is made from bees visiting the different clover flowers and can be found in most people͛s cupboards. It͛s good for consumption on your toast or in your cup of tea!
  2. Buckwheat Honey – Ideal for that tasty barbeque sauce and baking!
  3. Sage Honey – This honey is known for helping with coughs and clearing congested lungs during a cold. Try some in your cup of tea next time you feel a cold coming on, it might just help!
  4. Wildflower Honey – Are you one of those suffering from allergies? Then this honey might help you out as it͛s known to bring relief to those who suffer from seasonal allergies or allergic asthma.
  5. Manuka Honey –͞The beast͟, considered the most powerful healing honey in the world, it can be consumed or applied to topical wounds/infections. However, you need to ensure that the Mānuka Honey is authentic NZ Mānuka Honey, as there are many products using the term Mānuka incorrectly and you want to be using the good stuff!


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