The basics of open wound management

  1. Assess - To the best of your knowledge, ask yourself does this injury require a vet? If you think it's more than you can handle and involved structures other than the skin and connective tissue beneath, make sure you call your vet immediately.
  2. Time -To decrease the threat of infection try and clean the wound as soon as possible.
  3. Clean - Make sure you use a clean cotton pad or a sterile pad with or without diluted disinfectants, such as Iodine, when cleaning out the wound.
  4. Apply – Find an appropriate antiseptic cream such as Mānuka Vet™Skin and Wound Gel and either apply this directly to the wound using medical gloves or onto a sterile pad which can then be put over the wound and bandaged into place.
  5. Bandage -If the wound requires a bandage make sure you are confident in wrapping it, doing it wrong can cause more damage! 6. Repeat- Make sure to change the bandage daily (or as directed by your vet) and always use clean dressings.


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