Why is sterilized honey better than raw honey?

While you want to ensure that honey maintains all of the beneficial vitamins and enzymes you have to be careful when applying it to open wounds. This is because raw honey often has other natural but potentially harmful enzymes which can increase the likelihood of infection.

As a result, in order to be classified as medical grade the honey must conform to rigorous standards of quality and consistency. In order to do so and to ensure that the honey products are suitable to use in a moist wound environment Mānuka Vet™ ensures all of our honey goes through a sterilization process which destroys any microbial spores (bad stuff) while still maintaining the effectiveness of the honey's healing powers.

You can tell the difference between sterilized honey and that which has not been, by looking at colour and texture of the honey. Raw honey tends to be thicker and much lighter in color meanwhile sterilized honey is a much smoother and a more a vibrant yellow in colour.


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