Five facts – Mānuka honey

  1. (Mānuka) Honey has been used as a healing component for thousands of years, it's natural antibacterial qualities protects against damage caused by bacteria.
  2. Mānuka Honey comes from bees pollinating from the Mānuka Tree which can only be found in New Zealand.
  3. Unlike antibiotics, it has yet to show signs of developing resistant bacteria when used as a treatment.
  4. Mānuka Honey contains the antibacterial component called methylglyoxal (MG). It's believed that the higher concentration of MG the stronger the TBCantibiotic effect. A rating called UMF (Unique Mānuka Factor) will show the level of MG in each Mānuka Honey product.
  5. Mānuka Honey has an amazing natural profile, goodness for your body like Amino acids- B Vitamins- Calcium- Iron- Magnesium – Zinc, the list goes on and on.


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